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Alberto Vazquez

Chef Alberto puts
the EPIC in Epicurian

Food cultivates obsessions in people,
but some foods take obsession to
serious fixations.

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Alberto Vazquez

Hand Crafted

I don't miss any details when

I throw a party. From the food

to the decor to the ambiance,

I create everything.

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Alberto Vazquez

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on the Road

My mission is to provide a unique

and honest cooking adventure that

will be memorable and delicious.

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The Chef

Alberto Vazquez

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Alberto Vazquez


Chefs are the new rock stars. I consider myself a rock star in the kitchen. I even dress like a wannabe rock and roller, which is fun, but there’s a seriousness to my cooking.

I’m a real food geek. I visit the farmers markets, I get my hands dirty in the soil, I love to cook—I do it every single day. Through all my training in 5-star resorts and high-end restaurants, I’ve developed my own style. Because I live in Southern California I’m inspired by an area full of small farms and ranches close by the sea—my cooking is very seasonal. I focus on vegetables in the Spring, stone fruits in the Summer, squash and mushrooms in the Fall, and hearty roasts and braised meats in the Winter. I’m very focused on sustainable fish and farm animals, organic vegetables, and the farm-to-table philosophy. I want to be healthy so I keep my food light and start with the best ingredients and treat them the way God intended. After all, rock stars need to look good, right?

The mission is simple: serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return to week after week.