Pressed Juicery

With all the Food tastings I do to be creative with my business…I have found that it is absolutely essential to be on a Juice Cleanse as a part of my lifestyle.  I have been healthier than ever being on it!  My wife Paula started me on it as she is a huge fan.

I have been doing this every week now for about 3 months.  There is no doubt that I am super focused, the whites of my eyes are clear, you think better, you think clearer, you don’t feel sluggish, it gives you super energy as you are literally drinking super green foods in a liquid form.  Plus you are doing a true service to yourself-cleaning your organs and blood all at the same time AND it actually has dropped my weight down considerably and I have never felt better.

I can’t say enough and would highly recommend it to anyone who really cares about their body and wants to get total performance out of every day.  I mean really—who doesn’t want to improve themselves physically, mentally and emotionally? Seems tough first time around..but the way you feel after..amazing… I am addicted!  Need I say more?

My favorite is the “Pressed Juicery” out of LA and they now have a convenient location pick up at the Lumberyard in Malibu where I pick mine up every week.

Damn I feel like I just gave a commercial for them… where is my royalty check??!

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