Mario Batali’s Eataly, Manhattan, NY

Hands down my latest obsession in NYC. Just when you think what else can Mario Batali do to top his 7 + restaurants – he blows you away with EATALY! It’s a huge place on 5th avenue thats the size of a football field with seafood, pizzerias, pasta, bakeries, charcuterie bar, mozzarella bar, wine bar, dessert and pastry section, expresso/coffee bar and a full Italian grocery market, seafood market, homemade pasta and about 30 variations of pasta and  bread making right in front of you–oh and a book store!

Cool part is that all those I mentioned above operate as their own mini restaurant with their own hostess station, reservations etc… BUT you can walk around in and out of each one with your wine glass sampling all the goodness Mario brings to this literal city of food under one roof!

His motto says it all, “we sell what we cook & we cook what we sell!” We were there for 2 days. What does that tell you?

From left: 1. Fine imported olive oils and balsamic vinegars. 2. Seafood restaurant. The selection was fresh and huge! 3 & 4. Need I say more?

From left: 1. Delicious Truffles laced our pasta! Yum 2. Homemade Pasta section 3. More fresh EATALY Pasta 4. Homemade bread. More varieties than you could dream of.

From left: 1. Wood burning stoves everywhere. The smell of this and all the different foods were enough to make you lose it! Amazing! 2. Thought this poster  hanging on the wall was so fitting!

The energy of this place was so electric. The staff—all of them, generous and willing to answer questions and always passing off samples to try. You didn’t want to leave. (Still in bread heaven)

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